Monday, April 28, 2014

Clothing Rules, according to Skipper

1) Once a top-half clothing article (a shirt, usually) is matched with a bottom-half clothing article (pants, usually), they are An Outfit, and can never be separated or have a fling with another partner.

2) Pants should be tight at the ankles (because of flopping!) and loose at the butt (because of underpants bunching!).

3) Underpants are terrible. TERRIBLE.

4) Socks are worse than underpants, if that's even possible.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello, internet.

Hello! I feel that I should report in with some actual text. I've been busy. I've been busy with work (including lots of evening meetings that require poor Cook to drag both girls to Duchess's evening kung fu class and then drag them home and put them both to bed) and with volunteer stuff. However, I am also very busy (and depriving myself of sleep that I can't really afford to lose) watching every single episode of The Amazing Race (or at least each season until all the teams I like are eliminated), which takes up a LOT of my time.*

Cook's been very busy at work these days - lots of high-profile tasks with short deadlines.** Otherwise, he's fine, and fully recovered from his sinus infection.

Skipper is okay, but cranky. She also seems to be hearing poorly right now, which I'm hoping is a) a short-term problem related to all the colds she's had this winter - maybe a silent ear infection? or b) actually just her ignoring us because she doesn't want to hear anything we have to say. Wait. Maybe I don't hope b.

Duchess is okay, but cranky. She has some crazy mood swings going on, which may be temperament, or hormones, or something. Demonic possession, maybe? Whatever it is, with both kids we're having the unnerving experience of trying our usual array of parenting tools and having them all fail. This is something every parent experiences periodically, as kids hit developmental transitions, but I find it harder now that I'm dealing with it with an older kid. For me, it's tremendously maddening when a person I know to be capable of rational thought acts in a way that reflects absolutely no rational thought. This maddening effect makes me, in turn, act like a person capable of no kindness or generosity. Parenting makes me a jerk.

And it's spring! The weeds are out ahead of me (because I'm too busy watching television to do any weeding), but the sun is shining on the solar panels, and all is well with the world.

*I now see the world in terms of The Amazing Race. When I talk to people, I consider whether I'd like to have them as my partner in The Amazing Race. (Usually, no.) When I run into a challenge, I imagine that I'm doing a Road Block on The Amazing Race. I do find that I behave better when I imagine that I am being filmed all the time. 

** Which is exactly the sort of thing Cook hates, which is problematic because he's smart, perceptive, and conscientious, so everybody wants him for their high-profile, short-deadline tasks. They would also want him for their partner on The Amazing Race. (Except that he also hates being looked at, which would be problematic because cameras.)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Half a decade

Skipper turned five today. She didn't want to have a party; she wanted to have a family day. Most of her expressed wishes revolved around food. Our diet today was almost entirely restricted to starch and dairy; vegetables were banned. Skipper really enjoys helping with cooking and baking, and yesterday as she was spinning lettuce dry for salad, she announced jauntily "We won't need to use the salad spinner tomorrow, because there won't be any salad!" She did allow raspberries and strawberries, in the interest of vitamins. 

She got a number of wonderful presents, and got to do lots of things she wanted to do, as well as eat only starch and dairy (plus hamburger). By about noon, though, she was getting overwhelmed, and was pretty cranky all afternoon. When we brought out her cake (which she had just frosted), she practically hid under the table. 
Second dairy+starch meal. Flowers arranged by Duchess.

Setting up the thank-you-note list before opening presents.

Overwhelmed by cake.


Items of note from these photos, from yesterday:
1) These are the last pictures of 4-year-old Skipper.
2) It's spring! You can just barely see the budding grapes.
3) We have a solar array! Note the fancy pantsy electrical things, complete with paperwork waiting for the inspector to finally dhow up and turn the thing on.