Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas happened. It was a good one. Skipper still hasn't changed out of her pajamas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


We have had a hectic few days. There has been baking, parties, gymnastics, roller skating, visiting relatives, restaurants, ice cream, and much more. It's been wonderful and dizzying.

On Sunday, I took Duchess to get her ears pierced. This was her request for a 10th birthday present, but her swimming schedule required a delay. This seemed like a good time to get it done, so on Sunday evening she and I biked over to a local piercing/tattoo place, a place that regularly handles much more sensitive and complicated piercings than easy-peasy earlobes, and has rave reviews online. She got her ears pierced by a guy with a lot of tattoos who was really great with her. She was thrilled by the experience, and LOVES her new earrings and clearly feels 100% more sophisticated.

(Though she was mad at me when I took these photos, and thus looks kind of pissy.)

This morning, we went to a well-child checkup. Duchess asked me and Skipper to let her do the appointment herself, so we waited in the waiting room. When they called us in, Duchess's doctor told me that Duchess is "perfectly normal. Except that she's super-tall!"

This is Duchess's growth chart. Those numbers at the right end of the curved lines are percentiles. Notice how far Duchess is above the 95th percentile line? Notice that she's 5'2.5" tall? Notice that her trajectory is heading toward an adult height of over 5'10"? Even if she stops growing today, she'll be taller than a quarter of the adult female population.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


We've been to a lot of checkups lately, for teeth and eyes and bodies. Duchess still has one last baby tooth to lose before the braces period of her life can begin. Skipper has braces in her future, too, but given the rate of baby tooth loss, she'll probably be 30 before that rolls around. I have a new filling.

The big medical news from our flurry of checkups is that Skipper now has to patch her left eye every day for two hours, in the hopes that this will force her brain to start taking messages from her less competent right eye. She does not care for this at all, though her main concern is that people might see her. Her skin gets irritated by the adhesive, so she wears a cloth patch (Mark II - Cook is taking his role as patch prototyper very seriously) some of the time. I'll get a picture of that later.

Also, she wears this hat almost all the time now. The patch plus the hat make her look almost as eccentric as she actually is.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Tonight Skipper lost her first tooth. It's been loose for so long that I was pretty sure she was never going to actually let go of it, but it's been holding on by a thread for days. She was, of course, pretty worried about losing it, and every morning for the last week I've said something like "I wonder if your tooth will fall out today!" and she's looked at me grimly and said something like "Oh, it won't fall out today." There's already a half-grown adult tooth behind it that got tired of waiting for Skipper to release the poor baby tooth. Tonight she bit into the remnants of the gingerbread house she made at school on Thursday, and her tooth socket started to bleed. She started wailing in terror, and I escorted her to the bathroom, cleaned the blood off her finger, and suggested that she pull the damn thing out. She was weeping and wild-eyed, and apparently undone enough by fright that she actually immediately did just that. Then she started worrying about the tooth fairy, and about how long it would take the tender spot to heal up. However, the pleasure of wearing her Christmas hat cheered her up, and she went to bed feeling optimistic.

Saturday, December 6, 2014