Monday, December 28, 2015

Yup, still alive.

I realize that the fact that I have to keep posting reassurances that I haven't died since the last assurance suggests it might be time to retire this blog. But I'm not going to do that. Let's just assume I'm alive unless I post otherwise.

We're in Maine, visiting the Big Cooks. I've been lying on couches a lot, reading newspapers and also staring out the window. The weather has been gorgeous, and it might even snow for us tomorrow!

Cook and I took Duchess to see Star Wars today. I enjoyed it tremendously, Duchess enjoyed it, and Cook thought it was okay. (He reasonably thought it would have been nice to see a movie that was more different from the first movie, but I didn't care. Fan service works great for me, and I felt an actual thrill when the Millennium Falcon took off.) Skipper wisely chose to stay behind and have a fast food and video-at-home date with her grandparents. (She's in her sweet spot watching Mr Rogers, and would have hated this movie. Not to mention the EIGHT awful-looking and violent previews that came with it.)

And we had a lovely Christmas, full of food and sloth and presents. And instill have almost a week before I return to work! (Which I will - they extended my job another six months. I found that out about two weeks ago,)

I hope you all had holidays with the exact right amount of food and sloth!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Oh, hi! You may have thought I was dead. I'm not. I've been busy doing things like unsubscribing from email lists, trying to clear out my email inbox, listening to a backlog of podcasts, etc. You know, end-of-the-year kind of stuff.

Also, I've decided that I should probably look for work in a field where my work is not subject to criticism from people beyond the basic circle of my coworkers. It turns out that I do not like being criticized by lots of strangers. (Not that I'm good at handling criticism from anybody; it's a major flaw of mine.) I take it far too seriously, and it makes me feel awful and I pretty much want to lie under my desk and cry, and then pretend it all never happened. Also, I want to punch the people who are criticizing me, but of course I don't. It's all a very Skipper-like response.

It has been raining steadily for weeks - flooding and general misery abounds. I know that you think that it rains all the time in Portland, but it actually doesn't, really - we typically get a lot of grey and frequent but not very heavy rain. Not only has it been relentlessly grey (the sun came out for about an hour this afternoon, and I think it was the first time in at least ten days), but there's just been A Lot Of Rain. I biked to a dental appointment in a tremendous downpour last Monday, and I arrived (after adventures including at one point having to carry my bike up a brambly bank to avoid a sidewalk-and-street-swamping lake) completely drenched, dripping all over everything. The receptionist offered me a blanket. All our clothes are wet, all our shoes are wet, and the umbrellas drip on the floor of the mudroom all the time. It's like we live in a submarine.

However, everything is basically fine. Some lists.

Skipper's roster of Clothes She Is Willing To Wear:
- four pairs of pants
- four shirts
- one fleece jacket
- one raincoat
- three pairs of socks
- one pair of sneakers
- one hooded sweatshirt

What Duchess is Reading (all at once):
Navigating Early
The Two Towers*
All Creatures Great and Small

What Skipper is Reading (and LOVES):
Harriet the Spy

What Cook is Reading:
Barbarian Days

What I am Reading:
If You Only Knew**
All your awesome holiday cards. Thank you!

Hey, NPR has the 2015 version of the Book Concierge up! (The girls recommend Interstellar Cinderella, by the way.)

That's all I've got. I have to get back to unsubscribing to things.

*She picked up the trilogy again because she really wants to watch the movies, and Cook is holding firm on his Book Before Movie rule, but then she got sucked in. It's fun to see.
**This is a romance of the sort that you would probably never read, and while I read lots of crappy romances, this is pretty good stuff. I recommend it, should you be inclined the romance way.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life wisdom

Skipper is very amped up on the walk home from aftercare, most days, and usually talks non-stop. Tonight she told me about the (latest) misdeed of one of the boys in her class, who today tried to convince Skipper and some other girls to jump in a pile of leaves at recess. Skipper said "I did NOT do it, because I have learned, the hard way, THROUGH EXPERIENCE, that when boys want you to do something and they're smiling and laughing, it's almost always a bad idea."

(It was a thin layer of leaves over a pile of dog poop, as it turned out.)