Saturday, February 27, 2021

Update. Not that anything has happened.

 Nothing has happened. We're just waiting. Walking the dog. 

It looks like the kids will start "hybrid" school in April. Which means they're going to have to roll out of bed and put pants on a few days a week. 

I'm not sure when Cook and I will return to an actual office. Probably July or later, when we can finally get vaccinated. He may have a permanent "hybrid" situation where he mostly works from home and goes in for in-person meetings sometimes. 

As we approach the one-year mark of All Being Trapped Together All The Time, I'm feeling extremely frayed. I get up every day and walk the dog and do my job and wash the dishes, etc, but if I didn't have a job and people/animals who need me to do stuff, I would definitely lie in bed all day weeping and watching tv. (As it is, my boundaries have gotten very weird, and the other day I happily showed my new toilet paper to a meeting including several strangers. I'm concerned that I will be unable to behave even remotely normal during in-person interactions when that becomes an option again.) 

We've all been scrabbling for something to look forward to. Skipper is disproprotionately excited about the first Tigers spring training game tomorrow. I have re-planned our trip to Japan (originally scheduled for June 2020) for this August, but the absence of vaccination options for kids may kill that trip, too, in which case I may have to take to my bed after all. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

It snowed!

 We're alive! Currently enjoying a rare snow/ice storm. (Dob #1/9, who lived his previous winters in central California and has very little hair on his undersides, is not thrilled about this.)

Saturday, January 23, 2021


 Well. We got us a president, and I, for one, am feeling cautiously excited about the new era at the Department of Transportation. 

Here's what I'm not excited about: ongoing medical problems. All the HUMANS in this family are fine, as far as we know, and the guinea pigs are probably okay (or at least are not peeing blood), but Dog #1/#9 is having a rocky recovery process from his mass removal surgery a week ago. Since that surgery he has been back to the vet three times, once to have a wound opened, flushed out and restitched with a drainage tube in it, and has had a ton of swelling and generally feeling crappy. He was really sad and in pain for the first four days, but now that he's feeling better he's very annoyed by all the restrictions on his activity. (Not helped by the fact that he's currently dripping constantly from his drainage tube and is therefore limited to the more easily-cleaned parts of the house.) He loathes cones, so we have to either be constantly watching him for any licking/scratching/chewing of stitches, or have him staggering around with the cone on, crashing into stuff and whining.  It's been a rough week. But the thing is, it's also not clear that his long-term prognosis is good. He may have a bunch more tumors recur. He may need chemo or radiation or further surgeries. 

As a person who has enjoyed generally good health, I feel a looming sense that this is the future of my own body - diagnoses and interventions that do not wrap up with confidence that the worst is now behind us. Mortality sucks.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Reporting in

Hey. It's January. It's been a hell of a January. 

Here's your update.

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. 

Since then, we've had a few lovely sunny days, and taken lots of pictures of Dog #1. (We got Dog #1 some more clothes, by the way. 

#1 had a bunch of "masses" removed yesterday. He was not happy about it.

Now we're just waiting to see what 2021 holds for all of us. Here's hoping for good things.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Shortest day after the longest night

 It's the solstice! It's a dark, rainy day, as per usual. I don't think we're going to get to see the Great Conjunction tonight (THANKS RAIN), but I know it's out there.

I've been tormenting my housemates with endless holiday music, starting on the 13th, and we got a tree much earlier than usual - Dec 8th. Dog #1 met Santa at the tree lot (he wasn't very impressed) and Cook carried the tree home. 

We decorated the tree; Dog #1 was not interested in participating.

Cook and I are taking some time off this week, trying to vacate properly. I love Christmas vacating because I like cozy home time - everybody together, making cookies, doing puzzles, drinking tea. That is, however, more or less the way I spend all my time (except also working) these days, so it doesn't feel very different. However, the dog is very itchy and we've been dressing him in the clothes his adopters provided, which means that every once in a while I glance over at him in his US Army sweatshirt (we gave away the football jerseys) and get the giggles, so that's a delight. And my gosh, there's a Great Conjunction going on!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sources of information

Cook and I both had encyclopedia sets as children.* I remember picking up random volumes and just leafing through them, marveling at How Very Much Information There Is In the World. My kids, of course, can just leaf through the internet any time they please, but they also have fingertip access to an extraordinary variety of information concierges who tell them what information is important to know.  Skipper has been watching not only Stephen Colbert, but also a lot of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which means that she is constantly surprising me with her knowledge about things like SLAPP suits and biased jury selection. (This knowledge has been relevant because of the presidential election and the fact that we've been watching The West Wing.**) She listens to podcasts when she runs, and she often sits on the porch for a little while afterward, cooling down, staring off into space while listening to a podcast about volcanoes or what it's like to be the organist at a baseball game. So much information, so many potential guides to point us to what's important and what's not. I don't know how any of us can organize it all,  but I guess I'm glad that John Oliver is one of Skipper's teachers in her remote schooling life. 

*Cook's family's encyclopedia set was procured by Mrs. Big Cook from a stranger in a parking lot. Cook doesn't know any more details than that, and I have secretly built it out in my head into an elaborate adventure during which she wears a fedora.

** Skipper started watching it, and then Duchess discovered that it's leaving Netflix at the end of December, so now Skipper is watching a LOT of it. She calculated she'd have to watch more than 5 episodes a day in order to finish the series, and I don't think she's going to make it, even though she skips an occasional boring-looking episode. The West Wing is also prompting her to consider all kinds of questions. What's "Don't Ask Don't Tell?" What's Kashmir, and why are India and Pakistan fighting over it? Why should a president do fundraising calls inside the residence instead of the office? Why doesn't C.J. get more respect?

Friday, November 27, 2020


We're still here! Been snuggling Dog#1.

And we had Thanksgiving! I cooked turkey, which is weird because we almost never cook meat in the house (though most of us eat meat at restaurants and other people's houses when that used to be a thing) and because I've actually never cooked meat at all. (And I overcooked it because I'm afraid of salmonella.) It was good; we ate a lot. The poor dog, smelling food cooking all day, drooled giant puddles all over the house. (We gave him a little turkey in the end.)