Tuesday, March 29, 2016


1) I had two days at work last week that did not meet my new baseline for a successful day. One of my coworkers offered today to teach me a few exercises she learned "from a local shaman" to help me shield myself from negativity emanating from other people. I enthusiastically took her up on it. At this point, any kind of shielding - magical, physical, psychological, hypnotic, technological, imaginary, placebo, cardboard box, whatever - is something I will try. We scheduled a training session for tomorrow (right before I have to go talk with some people I really need to be shielded from). I'll let you know if it works.
2) I am continuing to Eat Less. I consequently weigh less. (I suspect that my commitment to this campaign is due to the fact that I desperately need a successful project in my life to balance my increasingly awful projects at work.) Turns out that I don't actually need to eat anywhere near as much as I thought I did in order to function perfectly well. I don't know where this knowledge is going to take me, but it's probably a good thing to know.
3) I am bullying everybody in the house into an ongoing pseudo/lite-KonMari tidying process, one small category at a time. Next weekend, stuffed animals!
4) Skipper has a piano recital coming up.
5) Duchess meets every stereotype of adolescence that you could possibly imagine. Surly? Check. Sulky? Check. Sleeps late? Check. Really wants a phone? Check. Et cetera.

6) Skipper lost another tooth.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


So... I should say something here, right?

Hm. Everything's fine. We're here. We're alive.

We're having a large wooden fence built between us and our crummy neighbors,* probably marking the completion of our transition into the world of smug upper-middle-class homeowners.

The kids are fine. Weird and mean, but fine.

My new baseline for work: a day in which I don't cry in front of other people at work** is a successful day! (I'm going to make a poster.) Today was a successful day.

Cook has not cried at work ever. As far as I know...

Eating Less continues, and continues to take up all my remaining energy after work and family.

Skipper had lice again. I think they're gone now.

Duchess is so excited for middle school. SO EXCITED, you guys. She's struggling to decide on which afterschool club she wants to do - Magic cards club, or Math/Engineering/Science club.

That's all. I hope you all have successful days!

*Not the gun-selling, broken-car-collecting libertarians, who have been ideal neighbors from Day One - the other ones. The ones who are outside smoking and swearing and talking about boring things ALL THE TIME. 
** Weeping softly alone in a bathroom stall doesn't count.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hey, it's been a while, eh?

I'm home today with a limp and feverish Skipper, and feeling kind of crummy myself - perfect opportunity to blog!

Except I don't really have much to say. I'm not doing a lot of thinking lately.

I'm starting to tentatively look for another job (mine will officially be over at the end of June) while also trying to do decent work at my current job, which has brought me to tears several times over the last few weeks, once (humiliatingly) in public. This is pretty draining.

Duchess continues to be large and loud. Skipper continues to be small and mean. They both continue to refuse to take any responsibility for anything going wrong, and this continues to madden me and Cook.

Skipper is quite happy without gymnastics.

I've laid out the basic summer plans already, and Skipper is, for the first time, going to a mini (one-night) sleepaway camp. She wants to do this for the same reason she wants to do many things - to match up to Duchess (who would be delighted to spend the whole summer at sleepaway camp). She also has a friend who's going to a WEEK of sleepaway camp, and wants Skipper to come. We haven't decided on that one. Duchess is going to a week of sleepaway horse camp, and is very, very, very excited. The plan is also to have Duchess do parks and rec swim team again, which means an hour of swimming every weekday morning. If I am employed, she will be on her own all day, and will walk herself home and (presumably) lie on the couch reading for six hours at a stretch. She's pretty excited about this, too. (Skipper, predictably, is pissed that she will have to go to daycamp if I have a job, and do stupid activities with stupid other people instead of getting to lie on the couch and read for six hours. I pretty much feel this way about work, so I get it. Stupid other people.)

We're also thinking that it's probably time to buy the kid a phone. Many questions remain.

The Eating Less campaign continues, with decent success. I still feel that it is easy to see what I have to do, and set things up so I can generally do them successfully, but I certainly feel the drain of the requirement that I have to repeatedly and endlessly make the choice to not eat, and to stop eating. There's only so much I can do to set myself up to make better choices, because I can't actually set things up so I don't eat at all. Eating less, unlike many other self-control challenges, requires me to frequently do a little of the thing that I want to do a LOT, and then exert willpower in order to stop doing the thing. That's a big demand on my small reserves of self-control.

That's about it. I have to write up some job applications now...