Monday, July 25, 2016

Ideal summer for an 11-year-old who likes to read?

I'm taking a few days off work staycationing between actual vacation trips. Skipper and I accompanied Duchess to the pool for swim team today, so I took the quasi-traditional walk-to-the-pool photo:

At the pool:

And, after the pool, the resting. I just read a thing in the New York Times about people struggling to get their children to read. This has never, ever been a problem in our house. We have the opposite problem. I say "Put the book down and...(eat your food/ talk to your friends/look where you're going/etc.)" about four times a day, on average.

Things we had to look up after our camping trip this weekend.

1) Castle by David Macaulay

2) Andy Goldsworthy

3) Tailless rodents in the Mt Hood National Forest (no rodent photo was taken; it was moving fast)

4) Do bats eat mosquitoes? (Also, how many s'mores can Duchess eat?)

And here are some bonus pictures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hello, my dears

You have possibly thought me dead. Or retired. But no! Here are facts. FACTS.

1) I am pretty happy.

2) I am coasting, a bit. My job is not hard right now (though I am feeling unpleasantly useless at work). I'm pursuing no productive hobbies. I'm not doing anything but the minimum in terms of housekeeping or whatever other stuff adults are supposed to do to maintain basic functions. I don't know - pay bills? Dust?

3) I'm enjoying making more money -  Cook and I are both employed full-time, an unprecedented state of affairs, and feeling the weird upper-middle class dilemma of having money and no time. (Not a LOT of money, and not really no time, but you know.) I am employed through March, so I'm campaigning hard to spend part of my income in that limited time on frivolous vacations. Skipper is 100% on board and we are already planning a week in London. (Duchess will be on board, but she's off at dorks-in-the-woods camp right now and doesn't know about our plan. We're definitely going to the Tower of London.) I also think we need to step up our half-assed and unsystematic charitable giving.

4) My kids are loons. Beautiful loons.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Why yes, I am exceptionally wrinkly.

Still here. Working for eight more months.

Look! Family, including an adorable baby, visiting for the patriotic weekend. The weather was unseasonably cold, but it was really fun.