Sunday, October 25, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

My kids know how to do school.

The girls are out of school three days this week, which also means time for conferences. We saw Duchess's teacher yesterday, and Skipper's teachers today. The upshot of both conferences, which is not a surprise, is that my kids are both very good at the game of school. Skipper's teachers produced particularly rave reviews, perhaps because they don't know about her less impressive traits and behaviors (unlike Duchess's teacher, who, after 11 months of teaching her, remains enthusiastic about and fond of Duchess, but definitely sees her pretty clearly). We did take the opportunity to let Skipper's teachers know that part of the reason that she's so on-task and resourceful about independent problem-solving is that she's terrified of exposing any vulnerability, and they seemed to take that information as interesting and helpful, as we had hoped.

Anyway, both kids are bringing their A game to school every day, as it were. I can continue to worry about other things!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

We're fine.

Don't worry.

We are exceedingly busy. Okay, I'm exceedingly busy, with the kind of emotionally and intellectually exhausting workdays that leave me with very little left at the end of the day to do much beside stumble through the motions (I do continue to exercise almost daily, I'm proud to report, but that's pretty much maxing out my ability to do anything other than read romance books and watch bad tv).

Cook is busy. The kids are upper-middle-class-kid busy, juggling gymnastics (both), kung fu (both), Chinese (Duchess), piano (Skipper), taiko (Skipper), ultimate frisbee (Duchess), and wilderness survival/LARPing* (Duchess). Duchess is going to start a historical interpretation training program in January, learning how to pretend to be an 18th century girl living at Fort Vancouver. She's been wanting to do that for years, ever since we went to Champoeg and she found out that they take on children volunteers.

Skipper is doing very well at everything, but continues to be filled with defensive rage. Not sure what to do with that. Duchess is also doing well at everything, and seems pretty happy when she's not throwing weeping/screaming tantrums over problems that seem ludicrously trivial to everybody except her. (I concede that watching bad tv and reading romance novels is probably just an adaptation of this non-coping tactic, but I wish she'd hurry up and adapt, too.)

That's pretty much the news. I'll write again when I have mental space. Might not be soon.

*Duchess has had two weekend trips to the woods, where she practices starting fires and tracking animals. She's very into mushroom-identification right now.