Thursday, November 24, 2016


We gave thanks! (Though the political climate put a wet blanket on our thanky-ness. Cook, on his turn to offer up a thing to be thankful for, said glumly "We don't have Mussolini for president.")

I forgot to say a thing I was thankful for, so I'm offering it now: I'm thankful I have two kids who are old enough and competent enough to stay HOME ALONE TOGETHER on a day when they have no school and Cook and I have to work. They did this for the first time on Wednesday, and it was uneventful. They fought some, were bored some, went out together to the local coffee shop to purchase hot chocolate, and they decorated for Thanksgiving. 

We had a wonderful holiday, as it turned out. I decided last weekend that I'd like to actually do Thanksgiving food this year instead of burritos (I love burritos, but I love stuffing, too), and everybody got on board. We had stuffing and mashed potatoes (I ran the starch department) and brussels sprouts (Cook ran the vitamins department) and lemon bars (Skipper ran the dessert department with Cook's help) and apple pie (Duchess ran the other dessert department with Cook's help). I think that between those menu items we ate a few sticks of butter apiece. We didn't bother with the cleaning or decorating other than the girls' festooning, and didn't stand much on ceremony with the meal, but we had a really good holiday. It rained torrentially all day. We draped ourselves around the house and played games and watched a movie and bickered and digested and just goofed around. Lovely. I hope you all had lovely holidays of your own, in your own style!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Media consumption

Since I told you what I like listening to and watching, I feel that I should catch you up on everybody else.

Skipper: Ida B and Steven Universe and Horrible Histories
Duchess: Hamilton cast album (this was inevitable; you know that) and Alexander Hamilton and "all reality shows"
Cook: The Amazing Race (rewatching)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Ice dragons and television

Oh hi.

We're fine. We're kind of grumpy. (Actually, Cook isn't, but the rest of us are. Okay, FINE. I'm kind of grumpy.) Kids are still thriving, while also going through normal developmental ugliness. Duchess trick-or-treated with her friends on Halloween, leaving poor Skipper with nobody to lead the way up every set of porch stairs. You have never seen such tentative body language on an ice dragon before - she shuffled cautiously up to each door with hunched shoulders and said very quietly "trick or treat..." Even after she got comfortable in a groove, and even skipped a little, it was a careful, tense skipping. Skipper's world is a fragile place.

I, on the other hand, am feeling weirdly powerful lately - I think it's because I turned forty and decided to just be an old eccentric lady with a beard and weird pants and loud opinions. I've taken to just saying things assertively at work meetings even though I have no reason to think that I deserve to take up airspace and I have no particularly great insights. (I figure if men get to do this, I might as well get to, too.) I'm really enjoying it, and so far experiencing no negative feedback. (Hey, this is what it's like to be a man!)  And I'm also feeling really joyful, as well as grumpy. The world feels enormous and indifferent and amazing - and I feel like I have room to be expansive in a way I haven't before. Forty, you guys. It's awesome.

And I get to balance my growing and definitely unhealthy addiction to political podcasts* by watching so much awesome TV,** which just reinforces my understanding that I'm incredibly forking lucky.

*NPR Politics for the win. Keepin' it 1600 for the chance to listen to nerdy frat boys obnoxiously saying everything out loud that I think inside my head. (Oh my god. I am, deep in my heart, an Obama Bro. This explains the entitled talking at work meetings, too.)
** I finally know who I am, after forty years on this planet. I am a person who really enjoys watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Good Place. And yes, New Girl. And, yes, unlimited reruns of Parks and Recreation. We live in a golden age of television that was apparently designed in a laboratory to please me.