Sunday, December 25, 2016


We did it! Christmas happened. It was lovely. Lots of sloth and food.

Cook and Duchess played a game. Cook won the first round.

Duchess won the second.

Skipper did some hard-core slothing.

Duchess got a hat, which completed her transition into tweenyness.

Skipper got a globe.

We went for a walk. Skipper took photos with the new family camera.

Duchess took photos with HER new camera.

And that's pretty much the news from here!

Thursday, December 8, 2016


So it begins!

We're having a delightful, if only slightly snowy, snow day - work and school were cancelled and it didn't even start to snow until the middle of the day. So we're making cookies, doing puzzles, and contemplating the holiday. Also, snowball fights and sledding, which I avoided so I could stay inside and eat cookies by myself.

The kids have another week of school before they plunge into the Great Holiday Sloth, which they're anticipating with relish. Skipper won't be going to any day camps this year, and the two of them are planning hot cocoa and a LOT of reading. Also, tuneless singing of songs from Hamilton, as Duchess has now convinced Skipper to enter (reluctantly) her fandom.