Sunday, June 28, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Duchess is off to a week of overnight camp. We left her (dressed in a white blouse, knee-length shorts, white knees socks pulled up all the way, and hiking boots, holding a black cloak she was going to put on if the weather ever cools down) amongst a gaggle of other nerdy kids with their own cloaks. I expect she'll have an excellent time.

Cook, Skipper, and I spend the afternoon lounging. Skipper is enjoying being an only child, and we ate ice cream. Skipper insisted on getting the wading pool out.

That's not a real baby. 

I have not been taking photos with the camera lately (just as I have not been blogging), and I do not have the sort of phone that takes high-quality photos. Here is a phone photo of Duchess from a few weeks ago, about to say something witty to me.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

No executive function

Last weekend, we went on a rafting adventure with extended family. The rafting trip was great fun, but I found myself, over and over, standing or sitting around doing absolutely nothing, often while other people swirled around me doing things. This is obviously partly because I'm just lazy, but it's also because I have no brain capacity available. My job is absorbing so much of my executive function right now (PLUS I have to exert the willpower to exercise every night) that I have nothing left at the end of the workday, and by the end of Friday, I'm a zombie. I have no initiative, and no ability to translate cues into action - I can follow specific, direct orders, but that's about it.

Which is why I haven't written any blog posts lately. However, I can reassure you that we are all well (even though one of us is a zombie). Summer has started, and is already shaping up to be the kind of scramble of activity that I suspect is typical of white overeducated upper-middle-class families with two working parents. The girls are wrapping up their first week of day camp, and Duchess is off to sleepaway camp next week. Between the prep for camp each day (snacks, lunch, change of clothes, sunscreen, etc), preparing for/cleaning up after camping trips on weekends, and extracurricular classes (kung fu! piano!), there's no time. But it's pretty fun, when I have a minute to think about it.

Rafting trip redux:

  • Skipper learned to pee in a river.
  • Duchess learned to help paddle a canoe.
  • Cook learned how to row a raft.
  • I ate jellybeans.
  • We all had a lot of fun.

Things Duchess and I Say to Each Other Lately

Yesterday, hustling for the bus stop, Duchess freaked out because she thought she heard a bus coming, and started yelling frantically for Skipper to run. Skipper, predictably, completely freaked out, too, and I (tired, grumpy, and already irritated at Duchess, who had been a piss-ant all morning), said angrily "Shut up, Duchess. YOU KNOW NOTHING."

Tonight, at dinner, Duchess said, half amused, half-appalled,  "Mom, you're such a clown! My whole family is a clown car!"